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The Partnership Society celebrates its 25th Anniversary


Tischdekoration mit der Festschrift

This year the Partnership Society celebrated its 25th anniversary. It began in January 1985 under the name "Society for the fostering of international understanding". At this time the partnership with the French town Bray-sur-Seine had already been in existence for 13 years. The town council was responsible for furthering contacts prior to the newly founded society taking over this task. In 1986 the town Hemsbachentered partnership with a second town - Wareham, located on the south coast of England.

Ansprache von Bürgermeister Pauli Geneviève Maréchal, Monique Manessier und Jean-Jaques François The members spent months preparing for this important event. Several members got together and drew up a commemoration book detailing in word and pictures thespecial activities and undertakings of the past quarter of a century. And the result is something to be proud of. In addition to the personal greetings, contributions on the partner towns and various reports, it is above all the numerous colour photos which fascinate the reader -reminding him of the members past and present and bringing to life the history of the Society. This beautiful commemoration book was handed out at the official celebrations on 3rd July 2010 at 18.30 in the Pater Delp house. Approximately one hundred members and guests had assembled here, including a delegation fromeach of our partner towns. Volker Pauli, Mayor of Hemsbach and Chairman of the Society, held the opening speech. He paid a special tribute to the citizens who keep the partnership alive through their engagement. Highlights in the life of the Society were shown in a fascinating slide show, drawn up by Günter König and commentated by Mechthild König-Schmitt, the Vice Chairman.

Myrna Gomez-Maria Valerie Stephan, Doreen Cleaton und Walter Toewe Myrna Gomes-Maria and Doreen Cleaton conveyed their greetings from Wareham. They brought presents with them - pictures and engravings, as well as a plate from the ceramics factory in Poole, a town close to Wareham. The greetings from Bray-sur-Seine were expressed byGenevieve Marechal, Monique Manessier and Jean-Jacques Francois. They handed over wine and champagne to commemorate theimportant event. This was followed by honouring the jubilee members - "the men and women of the first hour". Musical enter-tainment was provided by the band Enjoy, under the leadership of Ina Schuchardt-Groth.

After the official programme, Walter Toewe, Manager of the Society, invited everyone to enjoy the buffet. Die Gäste Enjoy mit Ina Schuchardt-Groth Local red and white wine was served. The bottles had special jubilee labels with the emblems of Hemsbach and its partner towns, encircled by the stars of the EC. The guests celebrated until midnight in a fantastic party mood, due partly to the jubilee itself and also to the victory that day of the German Football Team against Argentina.

Gäste Gäste Gäste und BM Pauli
Gäste Gäste Präsentation 25 Jahre PSV
Die Jubilare Und im Hintergrund wird gearbeitet  

Text: Ingeborg Dietrich, Translation: Valerie Stephan