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Myrna Gomes-Maria

It is with great sadness that the Wareham-Hemsbach Society report the passing of one of our most stalwart and hard working members, Mrs Myrna Gomes-Maria. Myrna had been a member of the society since 1995, serving as secretary for a considerable part of this time and additionally the role of chair for the last two years of her official service to the society. During this latter time she was the leading organiser of the Wareham part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the twinning of our two towns, firstly in 2011 in Hemsbach, where the Wareham-Hemsbach Society presented a bench seat with commemorative plaque, sited close to the Hemsbach Rathaus (Town Hall).


Myrna fixing the commemorative plaque on the bench in Hemsbach.

In 2012, the members of the Hemsbach Partnerschaft, during their visit to our town, presented Wareham with an engraved stone bench which is sited on the south bank of the River Frome, opposite the quay. Myrna was most instrumental in seeing this project through and despite many setbacks, she never gave up, but resolutely brought it to it's conclusion.

Myrna Walter

Picture shows Myrna with Walter Toewe, past secretary of the Hemsbach Partnerschaft.

A service of celebration of the life of Myrna was held in Lady St Mary's Church, Wareham on Monday 4th of August and among those attending were the Burgermeister (Mayor) of Hemsbach, Herr Jurgen Kirchner together with Herr Walter Toewe who had worked closely with Myrna for our twinnng organisations. Also in attendance from the Hemsbach Partnerschaft was Frau Connie Greiber, the current chair of the Partnerschaft. During the service, Herr Toewe gave his own tribute to Myrna, adding that over the years of working with Myrna, a firm friendship had developed.
Myrna was a tireless worker for our society and only stepped down from office in April 2013, yet still continued to act as liaison between the Purbeck School and the Hemsbach Gymnasium (School). Myrna was a hard worker not only for our society, but for many other organisations in Wareham and will be sorely missed.